Come join the 10th anniversary celebration!

The RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL (RSR) started in 1999 as the first overnight outdoor rock festival in Japan. Ten years have now passed since the first RSR pioneers toiled with the immense task of turning what was then a mere piece of vast wild Hokkaido grassland into a festival site. From the one stage the first year the festival has gradually grown in proportion and in 2007 the RSR was proud to host over 100 artists performing on six separate stages! The number of people coming to the festival has also grown vastly over the years and we are especially happy to see more and more visitors from outside of Hokkaido making their way to the RSR every year!

Remember that how you choose to enjoy
the RSR is completely up to you!

The festival is something of a small city that springs into life from the nothingness of the Hokkaido wilderness for two days every year! There is electricity as well as water supplies, and even Internet access is available! What makes the RSR unique above all is the on-site camping. Having a barbecue with friends at the same time as catching some of the best live acts Japan has to offer, that's the kind of luxury that you can only experience at the RSR!
The lineup is carefully selected from all areas of Japan's contemporary scene. Genres range from rock, AOR, alternative, industrial, techno, jazz, ska and more so there's something for all music lovers. Take the chance to check out the wide range of styles represented, maybe you'll find a new favorite along the way!
The music is of course the main attraction of the festival but there are a whole lot of other things for you to enjoy between acts. Why not make your way to one of the many food stands and enjoy the local specialties of Hokkaido? Besides this there are booths that offer the opportunity to experience the rich Hokkaido wilderness and you can also get information about the present environmental problems that threaten this priceless nature.

The RSR offers an experience beyond the ordinary!

The festival is more like a great "outdoor event" than your ordinary run of the mill music festival. Sure, you will have to drag all your camping gear through the site, walk the distance between stages as well as keep your cool in the queue for the toilets. In addition, the Hokkaido august night may very well give you a pretaste of the winter half a year away so make sure to keep warm! But what are these minor inconveniences when compared to the experience that the RSR has to offer? Just make sure to come prepared and we're sure you'll have the time of your life!

So come experience the freedom and feel the cool breeze of the Hokkaido summer! We are looking forward to seeing you at this year's RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL!


The original RSR wrist band has been made in collaboration with Austrian Heliotextil since 2006. With this colorful, stylish wristband firmly on your wrist your rocking RSR memories are sure to never fade!