As this is an all night event, persons under 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent or to bring the proof of parent's permission between 11pm to 4am, according to the local regulations.

You will receive a wrist band at the front gate upon entering which is to be worn tightly on your wrist through the event. If you lose your wrist band, you will be required to leave the site.

You can move freely between stages and attractions except the restricted area.

Please make sure not to leave your garbage. Otherwise, throw your trash into the proper garbage boxes.

Smoking in the standing zone, all stage area and the crowded place is strongly prohibited. Smoking while walking is not the exception. There are smoking spots, or bring a portable ashtray.

Since there are no lockers in the site, please be responsible for your belongings. We don't bear any responsibilities for the accidents, lost properties in and outside the site. Please watch your belongings.

You may bring cameras and recording devices into the site, but it is strictly prohibited to photograph artists and/or record music in any circumstances.
Violation of this rule will result in the confiscation of your devices and data.

We may limit the number of people in the standing area for safety reason.

Mosh, diving onto the crowd and other dangerous actions are absolutely forbidden. In case of injury and or accidents, all parties involved have to solve the problem. Not organizer's responsibility.

We have the drains across the festival site. (Drain tank, pond and side ditch.) There are "No Trespassing" signs and barriers, and please keep out of such area. If you enter and get injured there, we don't owe any responsibility.

Although we provide you the first aid in case of injury within the site, we don't have any responsibility for your injury. If you would like to seek immediate medical checkup, please find the way yourself.
We can help you call a taxi for you, but you must pay its fee. If you need an ambulance, please talk to the festival staffs. Please take care of your health to enjoy the festival.

It's anticipated that the entrance gates and parking are very crowded before opening and after closing. We may ask you to wait in the line depending on the jam-up. Thank you for your cooperation.

Persons with the wrist bands have free access to the site after the opening, but might be restricted the entrance if the gate area is crowded.

The site will be open until Sunday noon. Please make sure to leave the site
by the time ; 12pm, Aug 12.

No glass bottles, cans, electric generators, open fire, fireworks and pets are permitted within the site.

Bicycles are not permitted in the site for safety reason (except for those belonging to the event staffs.)

We don't sell any alcoholic beverages and cigarettes to those under 20. We will check your ID at purchasing those items.

Instruments, speakers etc. that make big noise are not permitted, since such items may interfere the musical performances and cause noise issues to others and neighborhood.
Glass bottles and cans are not permitted to be taken into the festival site and will be confiscated at the entrance if found. We thank you for your understanding.

o Bottled seasonings
 (including barbecue sauce)
o Canned foods
o Beer barrels (over 5L)
o Personal beer servers (gas 1220ml)
o Gas lanterns
o Perfume bottles
o Bottled medicines
o Oxygen bottles
o Cooking gas canisters
× Bottled drink of any kind
× Beer server for cans

In the leisure site, leisure sheets and cooler boxes can be used, but tents, parasols,tarpaulin shelters and sunshades are NOT permitted to be taken into the site.

Leisure site is open until 24:00 on Aug 10. After the midnight, all sheets and other items are removed, and we ask you to keep the area clear. This area opens at 10am on Aug 11. We don't have any responsibilities for the left items.

Anyone can use the area, but share the space with others. When crowded, please put your leisure sheet away so that everyone can enjoy.

You may use a stove burner and fuel tablets within the tent site, but we strongly prohibit the use of open fire. Cook with fire on your own risk. The usage of the fire is allowed in only the tent site area.

Please don't get away from your tent without putting out the fire completely. According to circumstances, we might extinguish the fire.The festival area is very windy, therefore, please handle the fire with care.

As to charcoal, please bring it back home or bring it to the garbage station after it's put off.

HEAVEN'S tent site users are requested to choose a block at the tent site reception desk on the day of arrival. A block may be assigned due to the limited number of blocks.

A block will be assigned at the tent site reception desk for FOREST tent site users.

Collect all your group's tickets and present them together at the reception desk if sharing more than one block with a group.

In the case that the tent area you purchased cannot be used because of terrible weather or accidental forces, we will provide you the different area. Please be forewarned.

* Please prepare your tent and make sure to pitch it within your block.

Auto camping area is only for persons with cars and tents both. You may not enter this area either only by car or with tent.

Toilets and water facilities are available.

Please make sure that everyone in this area wears the wrist band. This area is open only for the festival participants.
Exception: If you have the tickets valid only for 11th, you may not enter the previous days.

We have NO RE-ENTRY policy applied to only vehicles, not persons. Thank you for understanding.

HAPPINESS AUTO-CAMPING AREA opens at 3pm on Aug 9. You may stay there before the event starts. Gate opens at 8am on both Aug 10 and 11.

The gate will be closed: Aug 9, 9pm - Aug 10, 8am, Aug 11, 3am - 8am.
If you leave the site after 10th's show ends, please be aware.
All vehicles must leave by noon on Aug 12, Sunday.

HAPPINESS AUTO-CAMPING ticket is valid for: one vehicle / motorcycle (over 50cc size, not for electric motorcycle) and a space (7m x 6m) is assigned. Over-sized vehicles such as camping cars need to pay additional fee of ¥12,000 for the special space (14m x 10m)

The parking lot opens before the event starts. You may enter the parking between 3pm to 9pm on Aug 9, Thursday.

Festival attendee by car MUST use our parking lots. Please don't park illegally. The parking lot opens at 8am on both Aug 10 and 11.

Please be aware that the parking gate will be CLOSED: Aug 9, 9pm - Aug 10, 8am, Aug 11, 3am - 8am. NO ENTRANCE and EXIT is allowed during the time. When you re-enter, we may assign you the different lot. You MUST leave your vehicles by noon on Aug 10, Sunday.

One parking ticket is valid for one parking lot. Please purchase two parking tickets for over-sized vehicles that exceed 5m long.

We are not responsible for any accidents or thefts in and out of the parking lot.

Any forms of sales activities and performances are NOT ALLOWED within the parking lot.

There are no trash bins. Please take your garbage back to your home.

Toilets and water facilities are available.


・The parking lot opens before the event starts. You may enter the parking between 3pm to 9pm on Aug 9, Thursday. NO ENTRY between Aug 9, 9pm - Aug 10, 8am.

・You may sleep in your vehicles, but persons with HAPPINESS AUTO-CAMPING tickets can make a camp. NO TENTS at regular parking lot. Additionally, don't stay outside of the entrance gate either tents or vehicles.


・You must purchase tickets in advance for the parking lot and the shuttle bus. Free parking for bicycles and motorbikes are available.


・It could be as cold as 10 degrees C / 50 Fahrenheit during the night time and the early morning. You may feel colder because of the strong wind. You are recommended to bring warm clothes to avoid cold.