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What's RSR?

August 13(Fri) - 14(Sat) *Rain or Shine
Outdoor special site at Tarukawa Wharf of Ishikari Bay New Port
(Zenibako 5-chome, Otaru, Hokkaido)
August 13(Fri): OPEN 11:00 / STAGE START 15:00 / STAGE END midnight
August 14(Sat): STAGE START 12:30 / STAGE END 5:30 (15th)
rsrfes-support@wess.co.jp / 011-614-9999 (Mon-Fri 11:00 - 18:00)
Entrance (2-day) ticket (w/o tent site) - 18,000yen
  • 1-day ticket for 14th (w/o tent site) - 12,500yen
Entrance (2-day) ticket w/HEAVEN'S tent site (4x3m) - 21,000yen
Entrance (2-day) ticket w/HAPPINESS tent site (4x3m) - 20,000yen
Entrance (2-day) ticket w/FOREST tent site (4x6m) - 18,500yen
Auto-camping site (5x6m/1 car+tent) - 3,000yen
Parking ticket (per car) - 2,000yen
Shuttle bus (one way) - 600yen

Please refer to this page for details concerning tickets and the tent site.
Tickets cannot be purchased from outside Japan.

SUN STAGE - Capacity: approx.30,000
EARTH TENT - Capacity: approx.4,000
RED STAR FIELD - Capacity: approx.5,000
MOON CIRCUS - Capacity: approx.5,000
GREEN OASIS - Capacity: approx.3,000
BOHEMIAN GARDEN - Capacity: approx.3,000
CRYSTAL PALACE - Capacity: approx.800

The number of stages and/or capacity are/is subject to change.

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